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Cultivating Critical Thinkers

Inspiring Young Minds for a Better Future In the past, English language learning programmes primarily focused on comprehension skills and using texts to build vocabulary and grammar. However, strong language skills are just the beginning of effective learning and communication in English. Increasingly, English programmes are integrating higher-order critical thinking skills-an essential foundation for young […]

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The Power of Phonics: Why Systematic Instruction is Critical for EFL Literacy

As an EFL consultant based in Eastern Asia, my work includes developing effective language and literacy programmes for children. A key finding from decades of research, as well as my own experience, is that phonics-based approaches have a profound impact on EFL literacy outcomes. Students who receive systematic instruction on the sounds of English, how […]

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What is Project-Based Learning?

Listen (2.5 minutes) Project-based learning – or PBL – is an educational approach that involves students in an inquiry and discovery process through the creation of a project or a series of mini-projects. Project-based learning, whether in the context of English language learning or learning other subjects through English, provides students with a unique opportunity […]