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Phonological Awareness – What, Why And How

Are you looking for ways to make learning English fun and engaging for your little ones?  One important aspect of language learning that you may not have heard of is something called “phonological awareness”. Phonological awareness is the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate the sounds in words. It’s the foundation for learning how to […]

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Why Spoken Language Matters for Reading Success

Oral language development is a crucial foundation for later reading success. The skills that children learn through speaking, listening, and interacting with others help lay the groundwork for their reading and writing skills. Benefits of good oral language skills Good oral language skills are not only important for success in school, but they also have […]


Thinking About Pronunciation

Pronunciation has been called the Cinderella skill. While the ugly sisters of grammar and vocabulary get all the attention, pronunciation isn’t invited to the ball. But why is pronunciation so often neglected in classroom teaching? Speaking isn’t in the exam The majority of classroom language learning is directed towards exams. And exams focus mainly on […]