With almost 30 years of international experience in the English language learning and teaching field, I work with learning institutions, education technology companies and publishers to develop research-based curricula, media, content, and teacher training programmes.

Here are some of my current projects.

Curiosity Inspired with CuriosityLab

Smart Mentor Education Technology Co. Ltd., 2023

CuriosityLab is an encyclopaedia for a new generation.

How often do children open an encyclopaedia to passionately explore answers to real-world questions, or get to grips with problems they care about? 

We designed CuriosityLab to inspire curiosity, spark connections and fuel understanding.

To achieve this, we have organised the content around Big Questions, spanning multiple subjects and diving deep into topics that kids want to explore.

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Smart Mentor Education Technology Co. Ltd., 2023

With SmartMentor, every student can have a personalised AI English tutor dedicated to helping them achieve their learning goals.

This innovative system powers individualised learning through structured learning dialogues, tailored resources, and data-driven insights that continuously improve the experience. 

Designed as a home learning product for parents seeking an internationalised English education for their children or for after-school self-study, the system guides learners to reach their potential, build knowledge and develop the skills to thrive in a global future.

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Let’s Reimagine Reading

Penguin Random House New York / China, 2022-2023

Step Into Reading is the most popular levelled reading programmes used in US schools, and one of the biggest selling levelled reading schemes in China. To date, Penguin Random House has sold more than 262 million copies in the US alone.

What truly sets Step Into Reading apart is the world-class library from the world’s biggest publisher, which blends authentic children’s titles with carefully graded books for beginner readers.

Discovery Trail

Smart Mentor Education Technology Co. Ltd., 2023

Discovery Trail is an innovative STEM encyclopaedia concept for children ages 9 to 12. 

The content and structure of Discovery Trail starts from familiar everyday objects and devices that children interact with regularly. Discovery Trail is designed to spark children’s curiosity and sense of wonder about how these things work and how they were developed through science and human ingenuity. 

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